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This week I headed down to Sunny Hunstanton, “Sunny” being the operative word! With a wind chill in the minus numbers this was exactly what a Great British day at the beach is all about!


When thinking about this weeks video I wondered how appealing the the british seaside is not only in summer but who brave the cold winds and dreary rain to visit coastal towns in the deep of winter, whats open, what do people do and whats the vibe.

In two words it was a “Ghost Town” something which I hope is reflected in this video.

The biggest challenge this week was the cold, I realised when your body goes into survival mode to keep you warm your mind becomes clouded, If it was hot weather I know I would have spent time thinking about the shot and trying out different angles but my mind was just thinking about the chill and therefore this definitely affected my judgement.

This week I have also been planning videos for the next couple of weeks and hopefully for now this will be the last of the short films with just artistic shots to music and I want to explore other aspects of filmmaking including documentary, music videos and narrative film.

But for now enjoy Film 5 …



Film 5 – Closed Season from Absolution Films on Vimeo.